Jackpot Winners

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There is no better place to discover your lucky streak than at the Eldorado Resort Casino in Shreveport! With all of this thrilling Shreveport casino action, it’s no wonder that the Eldorado casino in Shreveport celebrates dozens of jackpot winners every month! Here are our latest:

$8,000 WINNER
Pat S. from Tyler, TX

$37,600 WINNER
Eleazar P. from Fort Worth, TX

$16,200 WINNER
Rodney R. from Jacksonville, TX

$10,030 WINNER
Lisa D. from Texarkana, AR

$59,877.56 WINNER
Lisa D. from Dallas, TX

$16,000 WINNER
Troy A. from Elmer, LA

$14,000 WINNER
Brenda M. from Marshall, TX

$20,861 WINNER
William R. from Kaufman, TX

$10,030 WINNER
Charolette M. from Texarkana, TX

$14,400 WINNER
Terry L. from Taylor, TX

$62,500 WINNER
Pat S. from Tyler, TX

$11,119 WINNER
Jacob P. from Shreveport, LA

$14,400 WINNER
Teresa J. from Lufkin, TX

$8,000 WINNER
Marzell R. from Shreveport, LA

$17,280 WINNER
Cesar R. from Austin, TX

$9,266 WINNER
Johnathan A. from Alba, TX

$8,000 WINNER
Ricky S. from Bryant, AR

$2,901,976 WINNER
Sandra C. from Texas

$25,000 WINNER
Michael R. from Winnsboro, LA

$25,000 WINNER
Dirk W. from Gladewater, TX

$10,000 WINNER
Nita A. from Center, TX

$17,169 WINNER
Billy W. from Waxahachie, TX

$12,020 WINNER
Shari P. from Arlington, TX

$12,000 WINNER
James R. from Houston, TX

$16,000 WINNER
Cynthia B. from Whitehouse, TX

$8,640 WINNER
Karyn K. from Sherman, TX

$7,169 WINNER
Melisa E. from Shreveport, LA